Desert Wars

'''Desert Wars''' is the largest sport in the world. The most popular of them takes place in the Sahara Desert and in the blasted out ruins of what used to be Libya a result of the 10 Minute War. It is essentially televised skirmishes between corporate security forces and can also host Mercenary Corporations. It is said that the Championship match is lethal with live ordnance, combat magic and Killer Matrix programs in use.  The matches leading up to the championship are nonlethal with a mix of dummy rounds, laser ID tagging systems with locking exoskeletons, non-lethal matrix programs and stun magic in use, although deaths can still occur from accidents.
The other Desert Wars Franchises operate in the Gobi desert of the Asian Continent and the Mojave in the Southwest of the former United States.  According to Shadow-comments the Gobi Desert Franchise is the second highest rated Desert Wars franchise with the Mojave in a distant third.

The genesis for the Desert Wars is open to contention.  The official history involves two Corporate Security teams coming to blows over some forgotten enCrash_Virus_of_2029'29 Crash enLostech in the blasted ruins of Libya, the media catching wind of the ensuing violence and broadcasting it to the world for a huge ratings windfall. Shadow-commenters have contention with the official history and state that the original battle and broadcast were planned from the start.

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