Department of Domestic Investigation

'''Department of Domestic Investigation''' ('''DDI''') is the Confederation of American States' national law enforcement agency. It is an agency of the Bureau of Justice.

DDI has the authority to investigate any crimes involving interstate commerce, or which cross state lines within the CAS.

It is also the confederation's law enforcement agency that investigates Matrix crimes.

The ''Confederate Secret Service'' is the branch of the DDI responsible for providing executive security for high-profile CAS officials such as the President.

Unlike the UCAS FBI, DDI has exclusive jurisdiction for the collection of domestic intelligence within the confederation, making it a de facto Intelligence Agencies. It is also the agency responsible for conducting counterintelligence and investigating espionage.

As part of its counterintelligence and counterterrorism role, DDI maintains an Elite Forces known as the Criminal Deterrence Operation ('''CDO''') Group as a proactive force to hunt down and neutralize these threats, which oftentimes includes shadowrunners.

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