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''Picture from'' Paranormal Animals of Europe
The '''Dakkaryne''' (''Lutra ederis'') is the Awakened form of the common European otter (''Lutra lutra''). Unlike most Awakened species, the dakkaryne’s origin is well documented. In an effort to re-establish the otter in European habitats from which it has disappeared, geneticists bred and manipulated the members of the common European otter that showed the highest tolerance to toxins and disease. The dakkaryne developed from this genetic stock, appearing first in Scotland and Norway and spreading across the entirety of Europe. The dakkaryne favors polluted waters and areas with high levels of pollution. They behave aggressively toward all other creatures, including metahumans. They commonly attack metahumans with corrosive secretions and Awakened powers, sometimes stalking and hunting metahumans for sport. They are considered a menace, corroding structures, attacking and killing metahumans, and in some cases even promoting industrial pollution through what can only be called terrorist attacks. It is rumored that some have shamanic capability and are in league with toxic spirits.

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