=Daedalus space station
=Corporate (Ares Space)
=has no land area 
(space station) =Unknown =Unknown =Nuyen (¥) }} '''Daedalus''' ==Geography== The Daedalus space station is located at L4 LaGrange Point. The space station is within a mana warp of level 8 or 9 {{src}} p. 86 ==Economy== ===Corporate Presence=== *Ares Macrotechnology ==References== ''This page forked from Wordman’s The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun.'' ==Index== *{{src}}, 41 *{{src}}, 18, 39 *{{src}}, 89 *{{src}}, 86 *{{src}} *{{src}}, 111 *{{src}}, 21 *{{src}}, 49 *{{src}}, 68, 75, 79, 82, 84 *{{src/fichp}} ==External links== *{{Shadowiki}} CategoryCountries CategoryCountries of Space deDaedalus frDaedalus