'''Cybermancy''' is a combined magical and cybernetic technique that keeps a metahuman's spirit caught in a technically dead body.  It allows a cybersurgeon to install more cyberware into a metahuman than previously thought possible.  All this comes at a tremendous cost to mind, body, and spirit.  The subjects who undergo this procedure are known as "cyberzombies".

== Who has it ==
Cybermancy can only be performed in a delta clinic.  Thus, few corporations and even fewer national governments have it available.  The magical rituals involved are kept as tight secrets, limiting the availability even further.

Corporations who are cybermancy-capable
* Aztechnology
* Novatech
* Saeder-Krupp

* Tir na nOg
* Delta clinic in London

==Side effects==
* Drugs - Cyberzombies require a large amount of expensive drugs to keep their bodies alive
* Dual nature - Cyberzombies are dual-natured
* Magic resistance - Cyberzombies tend to be more magic-resistant
* Karma Hazing - Cyberzombies tend to cause an area of astral pollution in their wake, raising the Background Count of an area.
* Lost in the Details - Cyberzombies tend to become overstimulated and get lost in the details of what they are observing.
* Chronic Dissociation Syndrome - This side effect occurs when the cyberzombie fails to respond to its Invoked Memory Stimulator.  The cyberzombie's mind no longer is able to anchor itself in the real world.
* Cancer - Often, the cells of the body start to become cancerous, as they are kept alive longer than they are supposed to.  This side effect, if it occurs, is fast-growing and incurable

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