'''Cybereye''' is a cyberware replacement of normal eye. Cybereye is the most prominent example of eyeware.

Replacement almost always involves both eyes, because mismatched pairs will send imbalanced signals to the brain.{{src}} p. 339

Outwardly, the implants may be indistinguishable from biological eyes, or they may be outlandish, ranging from neoniris effects (complete with gold lettered manufactured logo) to the high-chrome, featureless style. Color and patterns are easily altered by downloading a new skin. They also come with cleaning kits that wearers must use regularly.

If a metahuman has his or her eyes cybernetically replaced, he or she loses natural vision enhancements such as low light or thermographic vision, but can have such features installed in the new eyes. Retinal modification rather than eye replacement is also an option for the appearance-conscious.

Most cybereyes offer 20/20 vision for both eyes and include an image link and an eye recording unit, as well as capacity for further vision enhancements, such as

    Cosmetic Modification
    Display Link
    Flare Compensation
    Image Link
    Cosmetic Modification
    Protective Covers
    Retinal Clock
    Retinal Duplication
    Vision Magnification


*{{src}} 339-340

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