Crested Barbarian

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''Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe''
The '''Crested Barbarian''' (''Macaca cristatus''), named by a rather eccentric Spanish parazoologist, is the Awakened form of the Barbary Ape (''Macaca sylvana''). It resembles a large ape standing 1.6 meters tall and weighing approximately 95 kilograms. It has thick brown fur, and orange-tinted skin which forms a ruff or crest around the back of the neck, ending in a pair of pendulous jowls around the neck. It is a docile omnivore that lives in family groups of 6 to 15 adults with an alpha male. It is considered a threat to public health in some nations, due to the fact that a dormant infection similar to VITAS-3 resides in a certain population of Crested Barbarians, making their bites a deadly biohazard for metahuman communities. They live in mountainous regions in Spain and southeast France.

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