A '''credstick''' is a small pen-like device which can be inserted into various machines to transfer funds, much like a credit card. In 2070, credsticks are a primary method of transferring funds with no paper trail. Before 2070, they were the primary method of transferring funds for all low-cost purchases. Credsticks come in several different types, of which I am listing a couple below

A credstick is either a ''certified'' or a personal one. Certified credsticks are not registered to any given person, and can be transferred from person to person, where as other credsticks act as a sort of debit card, usable only by the person it is registered to. Certified credsticks are also known as "checksticks".

A credstick comes in several different ''grades'', which indicates the maximum amount of cash it can hold. They are

*Standard (5,000¥ max, passcode secured)
*Silver (20,000¥ max, fingerprint secured)
*Gold (100,000¥ max, voiceprint secured)
*Platinum (500,000¥ max, retina-scan secured)
*Ivory / Ebony (1,000,000¥ max, cellular-scan secured)

In Europe and especially the Allied German States a so-called "Europäisches Bargeldloses Zahlungsmittel" (EBZ) is used instead of a credstick, which differs from a credstick in size and form.

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