Crater Lake

'''Crater Lake''' is a body of water in Tir Tairngire. It is about 63 miles north of the former Oregon border, 13 miles west of the ruins of I-97.

A unique geological phenomenon, the lake is approximately 9.7 kilometers across and 42 kilometers in circumference. With a maximum depth of 610 meters, Crater Lake sits sheltered among lava cliffs which rise between 150 and 600 meters above the lake surface, which is itself at an altitude of 1,878 meters above sea level. A small island rests in the center of the lake, which was once called Wizard Island. The name has been changed by the T.T. government to ''Tesetelinestéa''. No translation has been given for the new name.

In May 2nd, 2054, the government of Tir Tairngire locked Crater Lake down. A massive magical and physical defensive network was erected, and low power lasers were used to interfere with the optics of orbiting spy satellites. A few days after the lockdown, a Sioux airbus went down in the same approximate location, reportedly shot down by Tir anti-air missiles. It is surmised that the plane was in fact, a spy jet.

A Shadowland poster named Tolly reported seeing massive, apartment sized blocks, covered in geometric symbols, floating in the air. These are of notable similarity to ruins found later in Antarctica, of which Lofwyr, then on the Council of Princes took great interest. Regarding the events, this exchange was recorded on Shadowland

     >>>>>So where's the insightful comments from our insiders Aegis and 
          The Laughing Man? Huh, chummer? Zappenin'?<<<<<
          -Bleys (125419/5-10-54)

     >>>>>I could make a helpful comment here...
          -The Big "D" (025156/5-11-54)

          -The Laughing Man (040939/5-11-54)

     >>>>>Fine. Be that way.<<<<<
          -The Big "D" (073418/5-11-54)

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