Crash Virus of 2029

The '''Crash Virus of 2029''' was an attack on February 8, 2029 by a virus on the world's computer systems.  It was a virus that caused damage beyond any known viruses in the past, erasing data and burning out hardware across the world, spreading mercilessly across the Internet.  It was eventually cleaned up and isolated by Echo Mirage, but the virus had the unusual ability to induce lethal biofeedback on members of the cybercommando team.  

The effect of the Crash Virus ranged from destabilizing world governments to the destruction of space colonies (causing the inhabitants to die a slow asphixiating death) to the outright dissolution of various corporations.  The world economy, especially among industrialized nations, suffered greatly and the Crash led to riots and the formation of several new nations.  To this day, no one knows who programmed the Crash Virus and how it managed to be so virulent.

Technology lost during the crash and recovered later is known as lostech.



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