Count Ladislas

'''Count Ladislas '''is a count of Pomorya and ruler of the town of Strelasund. He is a powerful shaman who is said to be decended from the Sindi or Roma.

*Die Länder der Verheißung - German only sourcebook
*Reiseführer in die deutschen Schatten - German only sourcebook

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Wasn't Sheila revealed to be Aina a few years back?

UserBlack Angus (User talkBlack Angus) 0306, December 8, 2013 (UTC)

I guess she goes by the handle Hecate and Miss Tick on Shadowland. I guess there is some clues that she might be Alachia in ''Loose Alliances'', but I don't own ''Loose Alliances'' so I cannot confirm this.

I don't think she's Aina Dupree, because that'd be a lot to manage both the Draco Foundation and Atlantean Foundation, even for an immoral elf.

UserDethstrobe (User talkDethstrobe) 0320, December 8, 2013 (UTC)