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'''Council Island''' is an extraterritorial district of Seattle, where the Salish-Shidhe Council maintains a diplomatic mission. Visitor visas are required for foreigners.

Parts of the islands are maintained as a natural preserve. The island has been ceded to the Council by the Treaty of Denver. Island population is about 3,000.

In the middle of Lake Washington sits Council Island, formerly Mercer Island. The Treaty of Denver ceded Mercer to the Salish-Shidhe Council for use as their embassy in Seattle (UCAS territory, as you recall, therefore foreign). The Native Americans renamed the island and heavily renovated it, tearing down most of the original buildings and replacing them with Salish-style structures, as well as restoring the island’s flora and fauna.

Council Island is accessible via the I-90 highway bridge or ferry from Downtown or Bellevue. Pillboxes located at both I-90 exits protect it from unauthorized intruders, and visitors must undergo extensive security checks and even searches for contraband and weapons before they’re allowed to set foot on the island.

The island’s three thousand inhabitants are mostly diplomats and their families from Salish-Shidhe and other Native American lands. The rest are rangers and scientists who care for the island’s wildlife. The only non-natives are translators, diplomatic attachés and others vital to the functioning of the embassy.

==Places of Interest==

===Lists of hotels in Seattle===
* Council Island Inn - Luxury hotel along the shore, reserved for diplomats and ambassadorial guests
===Lists of restaurants in Seattle===
* Friendship Restaurant - Large family-style restaurant
===Lists of attractions in Seattle===
* Aquaculture Lodge - Fish hatchery and restocking facility
* Eagle Lodge - Aviary raising rare eagles, hawks and falcons for release into the wild
* Medicine Lodge - A clearing decorated with totem poles and dedicated to the patron totems of the Salish
* Museum Lodge - Pacific Northwest Native American history
===Lists of government buildings in Seattle===
* Grand Council Lodge
* Passport Lodge - Bureaucratic offices; passports and immigration visas for the NAN can be obtained here
===Lists of medical facilities in Seattle===
* Council Island Hospital - Small but well-run hospital making use of many native healing techniques
* South Island Clinic - Run by Drive Andrew Mandjikov, an eastern European refugee

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