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'''Free Corsica'''

The island was struck by strong earthqakes in 2043. Guillaume Bonaparte invested his own money, made through real estate and smuggling, to help rebuild the local economy earning him strong popular support and leading to his election as President for life.{{src}} p.88

Corsica gained its independence from France in 2050.


It's an open secret that Bonaparte has strong ties to the Corsican Mafia and holds a seat on the Alta Commissione.

''This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun.''

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The material currently posted above -except for the History - is non-canon and largely incompatible with the Italian '''Con'''federation as described in ''Shadows of Europe''.

For reference the member states of the Italian Confederation are The Papal States, Sicily, Sardinia, Mezzogiorno, Rep. Tuscany, Rep. Modena, Rep. Ferrara, San Marino, Lombardia, Valle d'Aosta, Trentino-Alto Adige, Rep. Serenissima, Carnia and Trieste. After the collapse of Italy, GeMiTo (Genoa-Milan-Turin) became an unclaimed no-man's land which has no representation. 

The Confederation is nominally governed by a "federal" Council of Representatives with a one-state one-seat one-vote system (the President of the Council gets two) - its powers are mostly limited to international representation, foreign policy, defense, internal commerce and infrastructure and federal taxation.

- Peter Taylor (aka Synner)

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Much of the information here that I've transcribed should be credited to Dirk, who goes by hermit on the Dumpshock Forums. It is information that he gleaned from the External Links provided and from the novel Nosferatu, which has a wealth of information about Azania. 
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