The largest Corporations, the 10 AAA Megacorporations, own a seat on the Corporate Court, the arbitral body over all worldwide corporations (a sort of "Corporate United Nations").  The CategoryAA Corporations are multinational corporations with extraterritoriality, while the A Corporations are just beginning to have a multinational presence.  The Sixth world's biggest fortunes, represent large individual fortunes.  

== AAA Megacorporations ==

The Corporate Court rates AAA the largest and most important corporations. Also called Prime Megacorporations, AAA-rated corporations enjoy the same extraterritorial privileges as AA megacorporations. They are also given, at least, a representative on the Corporate Court for their importance.

Currently (as of 2070), the following corporations are listed as AAA

*Ares Macrotechnology Detroit-based conglomerate of automobile, steel, arms and space industry companies, led by Damien Knight.
*Aztechnology From Aztlan (formerly Mexico, recreated in Aztec image), heavily involved in consumer goods, chemistry and magic.
*Evo (formerly Yamatetsu) Shipping and infrastructure giant, of Japanese-Philippine origin.  Later moved to Vladivostok, Russia.
*Horizon a media giant
*Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Started as money laundering operation for the Yakuza but soon surpassed their investors' income by a very large margin.
*NeoNET Formed from the merger of Transys Neuronet, Erika, and Novatech shortly after the Novatech IPO and Matrix Crash 2.0.
*Renraku Computer Systems Computer and arms-producing giant from Japan.
*Saeder-Krupp the world's largest corp, a Germany conglomerate based on the production of steel, heavy industrial goods, cars (BMW), arms and communications in Europe. Its majority shareholder and chairman is Lofwyr, a Great Dragon, who bought the company stocks from hoarded resources.
*Shiawase Corporation Old family business, which survived the turmoils of the early 21st century unscathed, quickly able to expand in energy production, biotech and environmental procedures. The oldest megacorp who first fought for mega-corporate sovereignty.
*Wuxing a Hong Kong-based company and member of the Pacific Prosperity Group

The following corps have held AAA status in the past but no longer do so
*'''Cross Applied Technologies''' Cross ascended to AAA status after the Corp War of 2060 by obtaining the seat recently vacated by Renraku but subsequently lost that seat during the Matrix Crash 2.0.
*'''Fuchi Industrial Electronics''' Fuchi at one point was the second-most powerful corporation in the world, but the three-way factionalization at the top eventually caused it to fall. In 2059, Richard Villiers withdrew his assets from Fuchi to form Novatech, taking with him Fuchi's corporate seat. Shortly thereafter, Shikei Nakatomi split with the second third of Fuchi and joined Renraku. This remnant, under the control of Korin Yamana merged with Shiawase, as Fuchi effectively ceased to exist by 2060.
*'''Novatech''' The Richard Villiers faction of Fuchi Industrial Electronics inherited the former megacorp's position on the Corporate Court. However, it never established as successful a position as Fuchi did and made some bitter enemies with former colleagues now working for Renraku and Shiawase. Furthermore, Novatech came under financial assault from Art Dankwalther, an ex-Fuchi accountant who was laid off and later inherited a large sum of money from Dunkelzahn's Will's will, which Art used to exact a personal vendetta against Novatech. In response, Novatech made a massive IPO, going public coincidentally at the same time the AI Deus emerged on the East Coast Stock Exchange. In the aftermath of Matrix Crash 2.0, Novatech merged with AA corporations Erika and Transys Neuronet to form NeoNET, which in turn inherited Novatech's seat on the Corporate Court and sits there in its stead.

The following organizations were founding members of the Corporate Court and hold permanent seats on it.
* Ares Industries (renamed Ares Macrotechnology in 2024)
* Aztechnology
* BMW (reorganized into Saeder-Krupp in 2036)
* JRJ International (now a part of NeoNET)
* Keruba International (bought by Renraku in 2029)
* Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
* Shiawase

== CategoryAA Corporations ==
{{CategoryAA Corporations}}
===AA Megacorporations (2078)===
*AG Chemie Europa (NEEC){{src}} p.25
*Aerospatiale SABloody Business, 140
*Citigroup (MDC)Bloody Business, 146
*Colt Manufacturing{{src&g}} ?
*Cord Mutual InsuranceNeo-Anarchist's Guide to North America{{src}} p.21
*DocWagon{{src}} p.125
*Eastern Tiger Corporation (PPG)"Ruling the Queen City", ''Seattle Sprawl, 29''{{src}} p.182
*Federated-Boeing (PPG)
*Ford Motor Company{{src}} ?
*Frankfurter Bankverein AG (Frankfurt Bank Association) (NEEC){{src}} p.196
*Gaeatronics (PPG)
*Genesis Consortium
*Global Standstorm{{src}} pp.110-13
*Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal (NEEC)
*Hyundai"Ruling the Queen City", ''Seattle Sprawl, 31''
*Integrated Weapon Systems PLC{{src}} p.21{{src}} p.27
*Index-AXA{{src}} p.87
*Korporacja Opatrznosci Bozej (Providence Corporation){{src}} p.16
*Kolkota Integrated Talent & Technologies{{src}} p.11
*Komatsu Limited{{src}} p.8
*KondOrchid SA{{src}} p.55
*Kwonshan Industries
*Lockheed Corporation{{src}} p.20
*Lone Star Security Services{{src}} p.198
*Maersk Incorporated Assets (NEEC){{src}} p.202Bloody Business, 132
*Monobe International{{src}} p.211
*Nagato Corporation{{src}} p.54
*NYPD, Inc. (MDC)
*Proteus AG (NEEC){{src}} p.215{{src}} p.28
*Reality, Inc.{{src}} ?{{src}} ?
*Regulus Joint Industries
*Renault-Fiat-Meridional (NEEC)
*Shibata Construction and Engineering (PPG)
*ShinSiam{{src}} p.155
*Singapore, Inc.{{src}} pp.170-71
*Sony Corporation (MDC)
*Spinrad Industries ((MDC; NEEC; PPG)Bloody Business, 149{{src}} p.129{{src}} pp.33-35
*Tablelands SoftwareNative American Nations, Vol. 1{{src}} p.80
*Tanamyre Resources{{src}} p.42
*Telestrian Industries Corporation
*Trans-Orbital (MDC)"Ruling the Queen City", Seattle Sprawl, 35
*UOL{{src}} p.14{{src}} p.161
*Universal Omnitech (PPG){{src}} p.220
*Virtual Reality, Inc.
*Winter Systems
*Yakashima Technologies{{src}} p.115
*Yang Su Enterprises
*Yokogawa Corporation
*Zeta-ImpChem (NEEC){{src}} p.224{{src}} p.170

== CategoryA Corporations ==
{{CategoryA Corporations}}

=== Biotechnology ===
* Bioenergetica Ukraine (''Philike Hetairia'')
* BioMed
* CellTec
* Genom Corporation
* Metagenetic Research Consortium
* New Dawn Corp.
* Zion Amalgamated

=== Chemicals ===
*Athabaskan Oil
*Dow Chemical
*Exxoco Petrochem
*United Oil

=== Consumer Products ===
*Coca-Cola Co."Ruling the Queen City", Seattle Sprawl, 30
*Kalamari, Inc.
*Lami Look Pagkaon
*Wal-Mart{{src}} ?

=== Finance ===
* Atlanta International Bank
* Banco Occidental
* Bezpieczny Bank
* Brackhaven Investments
* Confederate Investment Corporation of Atlanta
* Gavilan Ventures

*Ifrit Services (sa.98)
*Olive Holdings
*Trans-Latvia Enterprises
*Ulu Maika Investments
*Zürich Investments

=== Entertainment and Media ===
* Amalgamated Studios
* Atlantean Foundation
* Brilliant Genesis
* DeMeKo
* EarthWyrm Media & Communications
* Independent NewsNet
* Visionquest Entertainment
* Wind Speaker Corp.

=== Industry ===
* Eta Engineering

*Franklin Associates, Inc.
*Khouang Combine (sa.155)
*Aegis Cognito (subsidiary of Spinrad Industries)
*ARGUS (Subsidiary of MET2000)
*Infolio (subsidiary of Index-AXA)
*Millennium Consulting
*Special Information Services (subsidiary of Renraku)
=== Matrix ===
*Checkpoint Software
*High Plains Coding (sna.135)
*Tan Tien Incorporated (cd.10)
*Warpdrive Systems (cd.10)

=== Mercenaries ===
* 10,000 Daggers (Constantinople)
* BrightEdge (Morocco)
* Combat, Inc. (Macao)
* Executive Action Brigade
* Free Marine Corps (Caribbean League)
* MET2000 (AGS)
* Tsunami (Japan)

=== Military Technology ===
* BAE Systems
* Cavalier Arms Ltd.
* Ruhrmetall

=== Security ===
* Middle Kingdom Security
* Perun Security
* Pueblo Security Enterprises, Inc.
* Revlup Security 

==CategoryNational Corporations==
{{CategoryNational Corporations}}

*Andalusian Light Industries (Tir Tairngire) (cd.9)
*Blue Dog Tunes (CAS) (cd.9)

== Unknown Rating Corporations ==
*Arabian Future Industries
*Centurion Industries (ssc.7)
*Centurion Special Security Group
*Defiance Industries (ssc.8)
*Eibisu Biomechanics
*Fichetti Firearms (ssc.25,86)
*Ganges Softworks
*Kelmar Technologies (ssc.41,70-71)
*Kokura Biotechnology Inc.
*Kyuusei Medical
*Lyco Systems(ssc.38)
*Panther Industries (ssc.60)
*Peterson Enterprises
*Polynesian Fuels
*Rebel Network
*Red Wheel Engineering
*Sandler Corporation (ssc.13)
*Williams Technologies (ssc.72)

== The Corporate Court ==
== Sixth world's biggest fortunes ==


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