Corporate Secretary


Profession Corporate Secretary

Connections 3

BPs 400

'''Race''' Human

'''Attributes''' BOD(3) - AGI(3) - REA(3) - STR(3) - CHA(3) - INT(5) - LOG(5) - WIL(3)


''Knowledge Skills'' Corporate Politics(6) - Corporate Gossip and Rumors(6) - Corporate Filing Systems(6) - Corporate Record Keeping Practices(6) - Corporate Memo Formatting (6)

''Active Skills'' Influence Skill Group(4) - Electronics Skill Group(4) - Stealth Skill Group(4)

'''Qualities''' Ambidextrous - Photographic Memory - First Impression - Home Ground - SINner, Standard

'''Contacts''' Corporate Secretary Friend I - Corporate Secretary Friend II - Corporate Secretary Friend III - Corporate Secretary Friend IV - Corporate Secretary Friend V - Corporate Secretary Friend VI

'''Gear''' Middleclass lifestyle (12 Months), Novatech Airwave (Novatech Navi), Browse (6)

'''Possible History''' From a young age, Insert Name Here dreamed of being involved in the corporate scene. Flashes of meetings with the rich and influential flashed through his/her head and his/her imagination ran wild. Upon receiving a job, however, Insert Name Here was dismayed to learn that he/she would have to start at the bottom, a lowly secretary. Not one to give up, Insert Name Here practiced, and still practices, the skills needed to persuade the wealthy from their money, separate the knowledgeable from their information, and manipulate people to his/her advantage. Secretaries are a great source of information, knowing most of the rumors and gossip in the corporate scene, and Insert Name Here is no exception.
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