Consular Operations

'''Consular Operations''', more commonly called '''ConsOps''', was a fictional Intelligence Agencies run by the UCAS CIA and CAS ERLA conducting illegal black ops. ConsOps conducted intelligence-gathering, counterintelligence, counterespionage, and assassinations without Congressional knowledge, oversight or approval. Many of its agents were seconded from the CIA to ERLA. UCAS Secretary of State Gerald Humphrey shut down ConsOps in 2055, after increased tensions between the UCAS and the CAS, due to the CAS' involvement with the Compensation Army and North Virginia secessionism.

It is suspected some of the personnel involved in ConsOps were involved in the Unity Coalition and, by extension, the New Revolution movement.

And I suspect a similar company are running a fraudulent sceme is South Africa 'recruiting personnel' using the name of ConOps.

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