Concrete Dreams

'''Concrete Dreams''' is possibly the most famous rock band in the Sixth World. The band consists of Warren Cartwright on guitar, Andrea Frost on vocals and synthlink, Moira Thornton on keyboard as well as programmer and songwriter, and Francois Nyanze on drums. They are well known as innovators and technical wizards in the music industry, being the first band to effectively use the synthlink and cybercontrolled instruments and the first band to combine dance and song with synthlink control sequences. The musicians of Concrete Dreams emphasize message over hype and the love of music over making money.

While Concrete Dreams rarely performs together anymore, each individual pursues individual projects, such as Warren Cartwright’s acoustic jam at Club Penumbra in 2049 and Andrea Frost’s number one hit album ''Talking in Circles'' in 2062. They currently live on a private estate in Salish territory.

Concrete Dreams played their first gig at Club Penumbra in 2030. They first came on the worldwide music scene on March 21, 2032, on RockNet’s ''New Notes'' trid program, an event that has been compared to historic Beatles performance on ''The Ed Sullivan Show'' in 1964. Their music trideo performance of “Sons of Thunder” was their first public broadcast, and instantly propelled them to novahot stardom. They played their “last” live concert appearance in 2044 to a standing room-only packed crowd at Club Penumbra. Afterwards, Concrete Dreams produced one album about once a year (with a few gaps), and each new release produces at least one platinum hit. More recently, Concrete Dreams has been spotted playing at the Play Fair nightclub at the Seattle Northgate Mall.

*2032—Song “Sons of Thunder”
*2061—Song “Halley Come Down”

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