Also known as a "comm" or "link", a '''commlink''' is an electronic device that is part-PDA, part-personal computer, part-cyberterminal, and part-global communications device.  It serves as the gateway for the average user to both the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality of the Wireless Matrix.  Commlinks also serve as the hub for a user's Personal Area Network, the link between all of the electronic devices on one's body.  The processing power of the 2070 commlink rivals that of the cyberterminals and cyberdecks of the previous generation of electronics.  Commlinks came into widespread use after the implementation of the Wireless Matrix following the Matrix Crash 2.0.

Historically (before 2065), commlinks also referred to simple communications devices used in a wireless networked manner.  References to commlinks before the implementation of the Wireless Matrix reflect this usage.

There are a bunch of different models of commlinks, some which are mobilphone- or cigaret-package-sized, some that are only as small as an small MP3-player and some that replace the usual wrist-watch. Implanted commlinks as cyberware are also common. 

Common commlink models are

* MetaLink for 100 Nuyen
* CMT Clip for 300 Nuyen
* Sony Emperor for 700 Nuyen
* Renraku Sensei for 1000 Nuyen
* Novatech Airware for 1250 Nuyen
* Erika Elite for 2500 Nuyen
* Hermes Ikon for 3000 Nuyen
* Transys Neuronet Avalon for 5000 Nuyen and
* Fairlight Caliban for 8000 Nuyen.

The different prices roughly reflect the differences in processor and signal capacity of the different links.