Combat Biker

'''Combat Biker''' is an officially non-lethal sport where players, riding bikes, compete in an arena. Cyberware, armor and non-lethal weapons are permitted.

Combat Biker originated in 2013 and since the first informal games it has gained much publicity and became a major, international sport, overseen by the World Combat Cyclist League (WCCL, founded in 2026).

The game is played in an arena, 150 by 50 meters, full of maze-like lanes, some of them on more than one level. Arenas have different layouts. Each team has a flag, and the goal of the game is to steal the enemy's team flag and deliver it back to their home base.

The Seattle team is called the Tacoma Timber Wolves.

In 2063 William Ager from Novatech bought the team of the Oakland Hogs, relocating it from Oakland to Seattle. This led to the situation that Seattle became the first and only North American city which boosts two professional Combat Biker teams.

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