'''Real name''' Charles Dixon
'''Birthplace''' Seattle, UCAS
'''Metatype''' Troll
'''Streetnames''' Chuck-Chuck
'''Archetype''' Samurai
'''SIN status''' SINless
'''Lifestyle''' Low
'''Height''' 9' 9"
'''Weight''' 505 lbs
'''Eyes''' Brown
'''Hair''' Black, dyed Purple
'''Description''' Tall and lean for a troll, Chuck-Chuck nevertheles cuts an imposing figure, with gold-capped tusks and a distinctive purple mohawk.
'''Professional Rating''' Professional '''Attributes'''
Body 9(10)
Quickness 5
Strength 10
Charisma 3
Intelligence 4
Willpower 5
Essence 0.20
Magic 0
Reaction 4 (8)
Run Multiplier x3
Initiative 4(8) + 3d6
Combat 7
Karma 7
'''Edges & Flaws'''
Day Job (20 hours a week) Volunteering in the Ork Underground (-3)
Aptitude (Throwing Weapons) (+4)
Distinctive Style (-1) 22 cm purple mohawk
'''Active Skills'''
Athletics 3
Diving 2
Edged Weapons 3
Clubs 3
Unarmed Combat 4
Throwing Weapons (Tomahawk) 5 (8)
Heavy Weapons 3
Pistols 5
Shotguns 6
Stealth 4
Launch Weapons 2
Biotech 3
Etiquette (Street) 2 (4)
'''Background Skills'''
Cybertechnology 2
Urban Brawl Teams 4
Pop Music 2
Gang Identification 3
Throwing Weapons 5
Ork Underground Culture 4
English (R/W) 6 (3)
Japanese (R/W) 6 (3)
Olfactory Booster (6)
Datajack alpha-grade
Datajack alpha-grade
Auto-Injector (Reusable)
Biomonitor (+Diagnosis Processor and Subdermal Display)
Wired Reflexes 2 with Reflex Trigger
Smartlink (+extra off-hand induction pad) alpha-grade
Cybereyes (low-light, Thermographic, Electronic Mag 3, Flare Compensation, Image Link)
Telephone alpha-grade
Headware Memory (50 Mp) alpha-grade
N.B. By daisy-chaining the two datajacks, the following devices are all interconnected both datajacks, the biomonitor, auto-injector, image link and headware memory. As Chuck-Chuck is hurt, a log of his injuries is written into his memory for later use by Docwagon or his allies. The biomonitor alerts the auto-injector to inject Chuck-Chuck with a dose of Kamikaze if he reaches 8 boxes of damage. He can override this. '''Gear'''
5 doses of Kamikaze (''M&M'', p 119)
3 clips standard shotgun ammo (slug)
3 clips standard shotgun ammo (buckshot)
2 clips stun rounds (''CC'', p. 39)
2 tanks flamethrower fuel
3 clips standard heavy pistol ammo
3 clips explosive heavy pistol ammo
2 clips gyrojet rockets
2 Vibro Tomahawks
AZ-150 Stun Baton
Vibro Knife
Mossberg SM-CMDT (Gas-Vent IV, Internal Smartlink, Selectable clip buckshot, Underbarrel weight)
Shiawase Blazer Flamethrower (Mounted on the Mossberg)
Savalette Guardian (Gas-Vent IV, Internal Smartlink)
FN-AAL Gyrojet (Internal Smartlink)
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