'''Chrysler-Nissan''' is an automotive manufacturer and subsidiary of Sony, headquartered in Nishi-Shinjuku, Neo-Tokyo, Japan. It owns such brands as Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota, along with its eponymous brand. 

It was, at one point, the world's largest automaker in terms of market share, but suffered through stiff competition from both Ares (after acquiring General Motors) and Saeder-Krupp.

== History ==
Chrysler-Nissan was formed from the merger of the American Chrysler and the Japanese Nissan in 2038. Chrysler-Nissan assimilated Toyota in 2060 and owns Daimler-Benz as well. 

The last one - Mercedes/Daimler-Benz - was once part of the German conglomerate IFMU, but it withdrew due to IFMU's lagging financial debts. Chrysler-Nissan also recently lost a bid on the Messerschmidt-Kawasaki label to Saeder-Krupp. 

Nevertheless, Chrysler-Nissan continued going strong through the 2050s and 2060s, with such popular models as the Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit.

Chrysler-Nissan struggled in the late 2060s or early 2070s, leading to Sony acquiring the corporation and cutting its automotive production down to a niche-market line. Sony also  expanded the brand by introducing Chrysler-Nissan-brand drones.

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