Chinese Deadly Dwarfs

ImageSymbol of the Chinese Deadly Dwarfs.jpg‎«'''Chinese Deadly Dwarfs'''» are a large Chinese street gang with a lot of chapters in various countries - as well in the Chinese splinter states as in Europe. 

Their colours are bright green and black and their symbol features a bowler hat, sunglasses and large mustache/beard chombo, which form together a stilisized male face. 

They are - more or less secretly - ruled by a group of free spirits, who's name translates "The Chinese Dead". These spirits - five, seven or proably nine or even thirteen - are all earth elementals or elemental spirits of the Wuxing earth. While the triads adopted the practise of forcing Chinese gangs to join them, the «Chinese Deadly Dwarfs» have changed their main focus from their Chinese homeland to Europe to avoid the risk of being absorbed into the greater triads. 

They still have chapters in Macao and Shanghai, the war thorn hell of Guangxi, Manchuria and Vladivostok but also in London, Paris and various cities in the Allied German States While Bremen is their AGS-HQ, they've installed chapters in Hamburg as well as in Frankfurt, Mainz and Munich. The latest ''Probational'' Chapters have opened in Australia and the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi in 2078. The gang is active in the subjects of protection rackets, running illegal gambling dens,  smaller piracy operations, smuggling, fencing and dealing with BTLs, chemical and awakened drugs, arms and even stolen Chinese artifacts and small amounts of magical goods. 

==Chinese Deadly Dwarfs - Hamburg==
After loosing a turf war against the local gang of the «Holsten Zombies», the Hamburg based chapter has relocated itself to the polluted wetlands of Denmark inside the Scandinavian Union. 

The (former) Hamburg based chapter is led by the Filipino ork Loo and includes the young Chinese dolphin shaman Mishiwa Kai-Tang as well as a rigger, called Yan, a half-Korean decker named Kwang and various other mostly young and Chinese gangers.

After missleading a mega freighter on a muddy shore at the coast of Jutland/Denmark and stealing various jetskis and two newly constructed speed boats out of the containers on the ship's top deck, the gangers/pirates archieved new trouble a group of shadowrunners located the ganger's HQ in a half ruined castle in the swamps of Jutland and recovered the two stolen hightech boats, killing three of the gangers and offering a warning, that - if they were able, to find the hideout, any other corporate team could do the same. Loo understood the warning and evacuated the gang HQ as fast, as he could. Only a short time after the gangers had left, an old Russian MIG destroyed their former HQ by dropping aerosol bombs and incinerating the building completely. Now, after loosing their hometurf a second time, the gangers moved on to Norway, were they took advantage of the connections, they had established to the local vikings before, and found a new, but smaller turf for their own.

The former Hamburg-based chapter of the «Chinese Deadly Dwarfs» gang survived the chaos following the second matrix crash and the System Failure and established themthelves well between the Vory v Zakone and various vikings in Norway, while their young decker-genius Kwang was trapped in the matrix for a short period, becoming one of the new technomancers. They also found new recruits/members for their chapter, including Tanghai Lu-Shan aka «Big Tuna», a former troll bodyguard and surgeling with a little fish-like appareance. Other newer members of the chapter include the Elf biker girl Rollin' Ro and a very talented drug artist, called Kevin Ching. This last one as well as the young and gifted but unstable wujen Ming Le-Fang were killed in 2078, when some German Catolic Church special forces raided their house boat to exorcise a free insect spirit that was controlled by Ming due to his knowledge of his true name and empoyed to produce a magical drug, that was sold by the gang for some profit.

This gang is a self-created organization, completely made up from own ideas by the user "Dorle" and should considered there for Non-Canon. 

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