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==== Shadowrunners ====
* '''Joshua''' is the game's protagonist, and the player defines much of his personality. However, most of the times he's a casual and somewhat aggressive typical male; his perspective, often with bits of sarcasm and irony, drives the game. In the game, Joshua's goal is to avenge and solve the mystery of his brother's death, a goal he can only achieve by making a name for himself as a shadowrunner.

* '''Michael''' is Joshua's older brother. Not much is revealed about his personality, but Michael was close and protective over Josh. Michael was an elite shadowrunner, and he and his friends were brutally massacred during a fatal shadowrun by an unknown ambush force. Joshua vows to avenge him.
* '''Ricky''' is a modest and somewhat weak dwarf rat shaman. He lived in the city for most of his life, but he had no purpose, mostly because "everybody was larger than him". At some point, the Rat totem reached out to him, showing him that violence wasn't the only way to success. Ricky's skills are few and only useful for sneaking around. He starts shadowrunning to save enough to get out of Redmond Barrens, where he resides.
* '''Winston Marrs''' is an ex-policeman troll samurai, named after the god of war, who appears to be obsessed with violence and loves to shoot guns. So, in order to "get paid for shooting at people", he joined Lone Star, the Seattle police. However, he didn't pass his studies and was kicked out of Lone Star. Because of that, Winston holds an understandable grudge against the police. Winston is playful and lighthearted, and should the player employ him frequently, he develops an affection towards Joshua ("you're the boss, Josh!")
* '''Trent Delisario''' is a human university dropout mage. At university, Trent studied magic, but only learnt what he calls "parlor tricks". Aspiring for a greater control over the astral plane, he moves to Penumbra District hoping to learn new skills as he shadowruns. Trent appears to know some Japanese, and is helpful and polite, being the only character in the whole game that gives a vidphone number for free.
* '''Petr Uver''' is a dwarven decker. Once employed on a technologic store, he learnt his ways around cyberdecks and The Matrix, and soon became displeased with the petty pay of his job. Stealing a cyberdeck, he moved to Payallup Barrens in order to become a shadowrunner and win easy money.
* '''Walking Bear''' is an ork bear shaman, born human in Seattle. She had a happy childhood, until the phenomenon of the Awakening turned her into an ork. Humans began to discriminate and ridicule her, so she escaped into the wilderness, where a kind of Amerindians taught her the way of the shamans. She soon discovered her potential with the Bear, that she identifies with because of their protective desires. Walking Bear's goal is to protect her tribe, and in order to do so, she enlists as a shadowrunner to make money for them.
* '''Phantom''' is a corporate elf decker. He worked on an undisclosed company that trained him in the Matrix. However, he was fired without any pension when an anti-metahuman group demanded the removal of jobs for other races, claiming that they were stealing them from "the pure". As an act of revenge, he used his Matrix training to steal money from his employers' accounts, and began a career as a shadowrunner. He knows Japanese and claims to have made quite a name for himself in the cyberspace.
* '''Ilene Two Fists''' is a convict human samurai, who was a friend of the Sinsearach Council. She traveled to the Redmond Barrens looking for adventure after leading a safe life. She quickly finds herself with two other shadowrunners against the Ares Corporation with promises of money, but is betrayed by her partners that leave her behind with an activated alarm in order to escape. Ilene ends up in the Hollywood Correctional Penitentiary, and at one point of the story Joshua rescues here from the prison. She is quick, both talking and fighting.
* '''Freya Goldenhair''' is an elf mage. A member of the Cascade Crow tribe, she discovered she had latent magic powers as a child, but her tribe viewed hermetic mages as heretics (as opposed to shamans, that work within the limits of nature). Freya ran away, ending up in the city and engaged with a radical political group, that hired her as an assassin against Corporate officials. Her job proved easy and worth the effort, but she soon grew tired of the group's control and escaped from them, becoming a shadowrunner. Freya is flamboyant and seems somewhat attracted to Joshua.
* '''Rianna Heartbane''' is an elf decker, whose last name is a pseudonym she took from an ancient elven leader that prophecized the Matrix as "''a place where everything and nothing exists; a place where war is fought and blood is shed without weapons''". Rianna has been shadowrunning against the Corporations since a very young age, and she takes it as a personal mission to stop them from having even more power than they already do.
* '''Stark''' is a human samurai, and the only surviving member of Michael's massacred party. He was raised in the Amerindian lands, and is proud of his heritage, swearing to protect it no matter what. When he heard that strangers were entering the Salish Shidhe, he traveled to the city to investigate the reasons behind this invasion. There, he met Michael, and became fast friends, until they both engaged in the fatal shadowrun to stop the invaders. Although not very bright, he is caring and affectionate. At the time of the story's beginning, Stark is agonizing in the depths of the Salish Shidhe and it's up to Joshua to revive him.

==== Other Characters ====
* '''Harlequin''' is a member of the Sinsearach Council, whose name comes from the tattoos on his face. He knows of Thon's existence and intentions to desecrate elven lore to become fully alive, and carries out a plan to stop him, in which Michael results killed. Joshua will eventually meet him, and they team up to stop Thon.
* '''Frosty''', or Jane Frost, is another member of Sinsearach, and an apprentice of sorts of Harlequin. It is her that organizes Michael's shadowrun, and guides him to her master.
* '''David Owlfeather''' is an Amerindian Salish-Shidhe ranger, who is acknowledged with the wilderness' geography and lore. He was also Michael's friends, and one of the last people to see him alive.
* '''Spirit Eyes''', also known as "The Most Wise One", is an Amerindian old, wise man with blank eyes. He possesses immense powers, and through a complex rite he can determine who was Michael's killer, and make a reflection of him appear in front of Joshua.
* '''Licourtrix''' is a feathered serpent, or dragon, that lives deep in the Salish Shidhe caves, away from civilization. At one point of the game, Joshua must rescue Licourtrix from a Renraku Strike Team that seeks to kill him. Licourtrix, in an omniscient fashion, pledges loyalty to Joshua, promising to aid him one time, and only the one time he truly needs it.
* '''Ellisia''' was an ancient elven hero, that helped reclaim the Salish Shidhe lands to elves and Amerindians. Ellisia founded the Sinsearach Council to protect and defend the Salish Shidhe, and according to the game's mythology is considered by elves as one of the greatest heroes of all history. After Ellisia's death, his body, still possessing magical powers, and a myriad of artifacts were sealed in his mausoleum, made of orichalkos, to prevent their misuse.

==== Antagonists ====
* '''Thon''' is a free spirit – an elemental whose summoner was killed – from ancient times, who can only retain his form in reality by seeking magical artifacts and absorbing their energies in destructive rituals, the only way he can replenish his life force. Thon is alive, but barely so, as he is running out of artifacts. With his followers, Thon plans to desecrate the elven hero Ellisia's tomb to use Ellisia's body and artifacts to become a physical entity.
* '''Mako Sochou''', a Renraku member and first leader of "Project THON", a plot to manipulate the information Thon needs to locate Ellisia's tomb in order to use Thon for Renraku's interests. However, Mako betrays Renraku, and is swiftly replaced.
* '''Ito Ogami''', the second leader of "Project THON". He is known for being cold blooded, and is the one who sent the Strike Team to kill Michael's team.

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