Characters in Shadowrun on the SNES

*Jake Armitage is the game protagonist. Jake's brain was burnt when a group of hitmen attacked him left him to die on the street. He wakes up later in the morgue with a bad case of amnesia. As Jake, you travel around Seattle, trying to figure out what happened during his last mission and recover bits of his past...
*'''Kitsune''' is a powerful magic caster imbued with the power of the Dog Spirit. This fox shapeshifter is a faithful servant of the Dog Spirit totem, and was sent to help Jake in his quest. First seen as a fox saving Jake by casting a healing spell on him after he was left for dead by the hitmen. The next time Jake meets her, she's seen dancing at the Jagged Nails, where she performs in between shadowruns. Out of a sense of duty and a developing attraction to Jake, Kitsune never parts with you once you complete the first of Dog's trials.
*'''Steelflight''' is an elf decker. One of the most expensive deckers to hire, he's also well equipped to not only crack into the Matrix but also survive long enough to get the job done; a fact he uses to justify his price. He doesn't think much of the shadowrunners that hang out at the Wastelands Club. He can be hired at the Jagged Nails.
*'''Spatter''' is a shifty human mage. He claims no matter how good your equipment is, you'll always need magic on your side. He can be hired at the Jagged Nails.
*'''Frogtongue''' is an orc mercenary hired at the Wastelands Club. He always reminds Jake that just because he's an orc, that doesn't make him dumb.
*'''Jetboy''' is a human decker found at the Wastelands Club.
*'''Norbert '''is a hyperactive, Uzi-toting, psychopathic dwarf who holds his reputation as a mercenary in high regard. He can be hired at the Wastelands Club
*'''Anders''' is a no-nonsense human mercenary who likes to get straight to business. He can be hired at the Wastelands Club.
*'''Dance With Clams''' is a human shaman. When you hire him, he claims not to need the money for himself but for the Tribal Balldance Fund. He can be hired at the Sputnik Club.
*'''Orifice''' is a large orc mercenary. He can be hired at the Sputnik Club.
*'''Jangadance''' is a wired human mage from Jamaica, who fights using the power of the Loa. He can be hired at the Grim Reaper Club.
*'''Hamfist''' is an orc decker hired at the Grim Reaper Club.
*'''Akimi''' '''Todumasa''' is an arrogant human mage of great power who can only be hired by phone after you find her contact info. She tends to get irritated by people who contact her, calling them idiots. She is also an enemy of Drake and knows his true form, for Drake considers her a threat to his plans. The most expensive shadowrunner to hire, her great magical abilities make her worth the price. She meets you at the Daley Station.

==Other Characters==

*'''Dog''' is a mysterious spirit totem, that contacts mortals through its network of shadowy canine messengers. Dog will often ask for favours as an initiation test before communing directly with mortal beings. Dog is able to grant magical powers to its followers. Jake Armitage is granted such powers by Dog, when he visits his secret shrine in the Seattle docks.
*'''Sassie '''was Jake's girlfriend until she heard he died, then she threw his stuff out and got a new boyfriend.
*'''Glutman''' a man from Jake's past, and a shadowrunner fixer working on the criminal underground to get shadowruns done no matter what. People trafficking, drugs, firearms, illicit tech, it doesn't matter. Glutman's the fixer for the job. Once waking from the morgue, and killing the numerous hitmen Drake and the Aneki Corporation send after him, Jake goes to The Cage club to ask Glutman for help; to hide him somewhere safe in the underbelly of Seattle.
*'''Moonriver''' owns The Mystic Talisman Shop near Oldtown Station. Moonriver provides much needed help for Jake in all matters of the occult, as well as helping to unravel the hidden identity of the mysterious Dark Blade society.
*'''Ed''' owns Ed's Patch N' Fix, a tech repair shop near Oldtown Station.  A street doc, Ed's a bit clumsy, and while cheap, lacks the necessary expertise to do good work.
*'''Dr. Maplethorpe''' is another street doc, with offices near the Aneki Corporation's building north of Daley Station's plaza.  He's much more capable than Ed and thus carries a heftier price tag.  He is especially good at disarming explosives and obtaining prime pieces of Cyberware.
*'''Longhorn Jack''' is a boatman for hire.  He's found in the docks but can't head outside Seattle unless something is done about all the mermaids.
*'''Johan''' is Vladimir's right-hand man and the maitre 'd at the Dark Blade.

*'''The Rust Stilettos''' are a multi-species gang recently employed by Drake to enforce his criminal empire, and the ones that ambushed and nearly killed Jake. With the money Drake gave them, they were able to put the squeeze on other gangs in the area. Jake will have to fight them if he wants to get recognized as a true shadowrunner and get into the Jagged Nails Club. Their leader also has the password needed to get into Drake's Tower.
*'''Lord Vladimir''' is a vampire and leader of the exclusive Dark Blade Society and the keeper of the Jester Spirit's true name. Jake must run through the large catacombs beneath Vladimir's club and fight through his hired guards and legion of ghouls to fight him; in order to learn the true name of the Jester Spirit.
*'''Jester Spirit'''. A powerful trickster spirit, of decaying technology; resides on the shipwreck in Bremerton. Jake must learn the Jester Spirit's true name and bend the spirit to his will in order to defeat Drake. The Jester, however, has other ideas...
*'''Aneki Corporation '''developed a revolutionary, if not malevolent Artificial Intelligence.  It was the creation of this A.I. that made the small company Matrix Systems, led by a professor named Raitsov, to create a program designed to destroy it. Learning of this, Aneki received the help and manpower from fellow Seattle corporation owner Drake. With Drake's assistance, Aneki destroyed Matrix Systems, and destroyed nearly all copies of the anti-A.I. program itself. The only surviving copy was stored in Jake's head computer. It was during this courier shadowrun, in which Jake was taking the program to a scientist named Pushkin, that Jake was attacked and nearly killed.
*'''Drake '''is a mysterious figure known only as the owner of the corporation which bears his name, residing in a lair at the bottom of a volcano. He enters a partnership with the Aneki Corporation in order to get in on the future plans of taking over the Matrix using their A.I. In truth, Drake isn't a man at all, but is a powerful dragon who also heads a large corporate empire. He's also the one responsible for sending the hitmen that nearly killed Jake.
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