A '''''chal'han''''', or the '''Great Game''', is a ritualistic duel. The challenger seeks to display symbolic power over the challenged's Physical and Spiritual being, the challenged's Past, Present and Future, and the people that the challenged Loves and Hates. By controlling all seven aspects, the challenger demonstrates that he could completely destroy the challenged. The challenger and challenged must act through intermediaries, who cannot be aware of the duel. There are two versions, ''chal'han che'', in which the challenged is physically unharmed, but has his honor and reputation destroyed, and ''chal'han se'', resulting in the death. The challenged usually does not know which version is being used.

Translated into English by Harlequin, The Ritual is as follows
 From the focus of my heart, I call the words
 Of anger spoken and desire revealed
 By my Challenge of word and deed
 By my blood consecrate thy bane invoked
 Thy shape and form decreed never was 
 On thy Physical form, I call the words of rendering
 On thy Hates, I invoke Justice, thy anger unappeased
 On thy Past in shadows, I shine the light revealed
 On thy Loves and joys, I gift separation
 On thy Spirit, I speak abandonment
 On thy Future, I bring fear and grief
 On thee I Invoke all
 The winds shall erase thy name
 The sands the traces of thy path
 The sun the coolness of thy shadow
 And unto the waters I command thy essence
 Thy shape and form decreed never was

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