== What is a Catacomb? ==
A Catacomb is one of four of the Delta tribes. The Catacomb tribe is the 2nd largest of the four, second only to the Deatherage tribe. The Catacombs share very like attitudes and characteristics. They would prefer murder, than not murdering. Unlike the Deatherage tribe, Catacombs don't kill on a daily basis, but every once and a while, and only murder when necessary. The tribe is actually ''cousins'' with the Crawler Tribe and the Deatherage Tribe and live together and most of the time hunt together.

== The Macha ==
The race "Macha" crossed with the Catacombs at one time. Dawn Macha is considered a "Catacomb Girl" for bringing her last name into the tribe. When she was fertilized by Deadian Catacomb, better known as Jackson, she increased the Catacomb population by a ton. Most of the Dawn Macha related Catacombs end up having the last name "Macha-Catacomb." 

== The Legend Of The Catacombs ==
The Catacombs can only be summoned by doing one thing. Legend says that you must travel to a lake or river and splash its water on your own face. Then, it says you chant a Catacomb's full name while your hands are raised. They say also you must do the chant at the break of dawn or the setting of dusk. If done correctly, the summoned Catacomb will rise from the water behind you and attack and/or devour you.

== All The Known Catacombs ==
* Deadian "Jackson" Catacomb
* Dawn M. Macha-Catacomb
* Dominick D. Macha-Catacomb
* Dominique D. Macha-Catacomb
* Daylen S. Macha-Catacomb
* Dallas B. Macha-Catacomb
* Seven G. Catacomb
* Eleven B. Catacomb
* Saturn Deatherage-Catacomb
* Paraloneian "Perry" Catacomb