=King Sindarath Sisowath
=Nuyen (¥)

== Vital Statistics {{src}} p.152==
As of 2064
* Population 8,947,000
** Khmer 85%
** Chinese 4%
** Thai 3%
** Vietnamese 3%
** Other 5%
* Major Languages Khmer (95%), Thai (12%), Chinese (4%)
* Major Religions Buddhist (79%), shamanist (8%), Muslim (4%), Christian (4%)

== History ==
* 2022—Vietnam invades Cambodia, aiming at Phnom Penh.
* 2043—Cambodia suffers so much damage that eventually Vietnam withdraws.

== Politics ==
The country is ruled by King Sindarath Sisowath, with his heir Prince Naradorom.  The main political power rests with the Prime Minister Mak Sok.

There is currently a “Naga Insurrection” attempting to restore the “Naga Kingdom” in Cambodia, which has met with limited success.

== Geography ==
Cambodia’s geography is similar to the rest of Indochina. There are three seasons, a cool and dry season, a hot and dry season, and the monsoon season.  Flash floods and sticky muddy terrain predominate during the monsoon season.

== Economy ==
Cambodia’s economy, devastated from the recent wars and from government corruption, is poor, with what little support and infrastructure coming from the few corporations that maintain a presence here.

=== Corporate Presence ===
* Esprit Industries
* ShinSiam
* Saeder-Krupp
* Wuxing

Angkor Wat complex is home to an Awakened rebel group made up of merrows, harpies and led by nagas.{{src}} p.81


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