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==Algeria, Egypt, and the departed Libya==
''Target Wastelands'' mentions these three nations several times throughout the course of the book. There's mention of a Tripoli Hot Zone, and that most, if not all, of Libya was annexed by Egypt. Algeria comes crops up as Tamamrasset is the central staging area for the Desert Wars, with the Libyan Desert being one big free-fire zone.--UserYoungFreud 1850, 24 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

I believe that Wordman's work predates ''Target Wastelands''.  And if it doesn't, he's said via e-mail that he made up most of Africa due to a lack of canon.  --UserMshieh 1901, 24 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Well, I've noticed that. Should I make a seperate Algeria entry to go with the canon references or add them under Algerian Theocracy (submitted)? Also, I recall a mention of French smugglers operating throughout in former French colonies in Africa in ''Cyberpirates'', with Algeria specifically mentioned.--UserYoungFreud 1912, 24 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

The reason Algerian Theocracy (submitted) exists and not a simple Algeria (submitted) page is only because that was Wordman's full name of the country.  The reason it's tagged as (submitted) is because there is/was no canon to back up either the name or the continued existence of the country.  (i.e., exactly why we're having this discussion)  )  My recommendation is to make use of the move action to make things right.  There's definitely no need for both an Algeria and an Algerian Theocracy (submitted) page, as all the Algerian Theocracy (submitted) page does is have a place to put the flag.  Since it's mentioned in canon, it's up to you whether it should be renamed from "Algerian Theocracy (submitted)" to "Algeria" or "Algerian Theocracy".

PS - You know a scary amount of SR trivia.  --UserMshieh 1927, 24 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

 Dead links removed.  --UserMshieh 1927, 13 Jun 2006 (Eastern Daylight Time)

== Morocco ==

Possibly need to add Morocco to the map. SoE, page 13, has the King staging a countercoup against the fundamentalists that'd taken over with the backing of the Spanish and British during the whole Alliance for Allah/invasion of Europe thing. Not sure if there are any other mentions of the place after '36 though so what's happened after that is anyone's guess. --UserFlak

Morocco is on the Africa map.  Added SoE reference.  --UserMshieh 1216, 15 Oct 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

== Deserts ==

Got information concerning the Namib and Kalahari deserts on pages 40 and 44 of Target Wastelands respectively. Since we don't have any information saying whether Namibia or Botswana are still around, wasn't sure if I should make pages for them for the desert info or something else. Any ideas?