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California borders the Pacific Ocean on the length of the Sierra Nevada. It features a diverse landscape and Mediterranean climate. California is hit frequently by earthquakes, the last ones of note having occurred in October and December of 2061.

Major cities are San Francisco and Sacramento. After being part of the State of California since 1848, San Diego was annexed by Aztlan within weeks of Californian's declaration of independence in 2036. Los Angeles was annexed by Pueblo in 2061.


===Early 21st Century===
In 2018, the Treaty of Denver is signed, which leaves California as part of the United States.

In the 2030s, California threatens secession from the union if it doesn't receive more aid.

===The Free State===
In 2036, the UCAS officially removes California from the Union, much to the surprise of Californians. Almost immediately after this, California's neighboring nations invaded the newly formed nation. Tír Tairngire to the north was able to push down to Redding (and later was pushed back to Yreka). Aztlan captured San Diego. The Japanese Imperial State invaded San Francisco.

Internally, several districts attempted to secede from California, causing much political unrest and instability. The nation renamed itself California Free State, but there technically wasn't much in the way of a central government or authority.

2036 Formation {{src}} p. 30

In 2046, Los Angeles leaves the CFS and becomes a free city.

===California Protectorate===
In 2061, following the eruption of volcanoes and subsequent earthquakes within the Ring of Fire that led to widespread destruction within the Japanese Imperial State, the Diet recalled all Japanese Imperial Marines deployed overseas. Some of the Marines stationed in San Francisco resisted, and two divisions of Marines led by Keiji Saito stayed behind in the Bay Area, and along with cooperation from friendly Japanacorps and the Human Nation expanded their presence, taking control of several California Air Force bases before entering Sacramento. Saito declared himself the Protector-General of the newly-christened California Protectorate.

November, 2061 Rogue Imperial Japanese General takes over San Francisco and environs {{src}} p. 106

December 8, 2061 Pueblo Corporate Council forces occupy Los Angeles {{src}} p. 113

===Return of the Free State===
Sometime between 2064 and 2069, Keiji Saito was overthrown through the combined efforts of Ares Macrotechnology and Mothers of Metahumans. Following his downfall, the Protectorate once again became the California Free State. However, during that same period the Pueblo Corporate Council expanded its possession of the state north into the Central Valley. This expansion likely occurred concurrently to the PCC's annexation of the Ute Nation.

Relations with UCAS {{src}} pp. 19-20, Germany {{src}} p. 43, Seattle {{src}} p. 81, Tir Tairngire {{src}} p. 47

California's traditional lead over the computer industry ended with the Crash Virus of 2029 and the subsequent establishment of the Matrix. A part of this industry relocated to nearby Pueblo where standard of living and security was higher. The economic hub of San Francisco is widely dominated by the Japanacorps.

Crude oil from Athabascan Council {{src}} p. 74

United Talismongers Association has its HQ in California {{src}} p. 61

===Corporate Presence===
*Ares very present in Silicon Valley (CFS,YotC,SoNA)
*Aztechnology was banned from business in the 2050s. The company '''Pyramid Operations''' who bought Aztechnology Pyramid in San Francisco is widely considered to be a shell of the prime megacorporation.
*Federated-Boeing (NAGNA)
*Kenshi Electronics (NAGNA)
*Lockheed (CFS)
*Nippon United (NAGNA)
*Novatech (CDL p. 70)
*Planetlink (HQ Sacramento) (TM p. 15)
*Renraku Computer Systems (CDL p. 78)
*Saeder-Krupp, with Angelic Entertainment (CDL p. 90)
*Tokugawa Technologies (NAGNA)
*Wuxing (CDL p. 109)
*Yakashima, with Biogene (PoaD)

Ares owns Edwards AresSpace base (source of most spaceplane flights into orbit) and the China Lake and Inyokern Test Range sites {{src}} p. 14

Home to the People's University Matrix host {{src}} pp. 72-74


Smuggling into California is done almost always over water {{src}} p. 88

Shadowland nodes in (at least) Oakland and Los Angeles {{src}} p. 27

Mafia influence {{src}} p. 36


''This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun''

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==External links==
*http// Wikipedia - California
*The city of Los Angeles is detailed in the locations section of the ''http// Neoanarchists' Guide To Everything Else'', pp 17–21.

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