Caesar's Palace


* 3750 Las Vegas Blvd 
* Luxury Hotel, Casino, Nightclub / No racial bias 
* Owner Joel Spicola
== Description ==
This Vegas standard emulates a Roman city, complete
with moving sidewalks, pool, health club, shops, seven
restaurants, bars, and 2000 rooms. The statuary of the
Palace is composed of replicas (some in Carrara marble) of
David, Venus de Milo, the Rape of the Sabines, and more.
There are two separate casinos and a private baccarat
lounge. Minimum blackjack bet is 5¥, but there is one 3¥
table. Poker buy-in is 25¥. Caesar’s still has slot, poker and
blackjack machines which run on quarter nuyen chips.

''»Centurions abound in this place, some orks and trolls. They are usually armed with Taser weapons. Some areas have lockers with a Narcojet rifle and Net Guns. More insidious are the hidden cameras, some of which have servoguns. Just about every mirror in the place has a camera behind it. I’m told that Caesar’s hires (some say creates) Street Samurai to talk about undercover, armed. I’ve seen several men who would fit the bill; not obviously cybered, but very fast. Custom stuff if I’ve ever seen it. There is usually a rigger wired into the security system, part of which is not Matrix accessible. Remember that Heavy Armor is way illegal in the Ute Nation, even for corporate (or casino) security.«''
— Cooler (122401/1-15-52)

''»Elementals patrol astral space on the lookout for spells. Awakened customers are warned upon entry that magical spells will not be allowed for any reason within the casino. Elementals do not attack quickened or locked spells. Instead they alert a Wage Mage, who checks to make sure the spell is not for the purpose of cheating. Generally, the Mage will watch the magician for quite some time.«''
— Marackeshh (235652/2-6-52)

''»Ceasar’s entire system is red, except for a separate green reservation computer. It utilizes isolated gambling systems. The system is not sculpted at all. Perhaps Ceasar’s wished to spare its employees Roman overkill.«''
— Bilbo (232912/2-24-52)

''»Big winners, especially on the slots, at Ceasar’s are usually subject to examination for magical ability and cyberware. Slot winners with cybereye video cameras are asked never to come back. Ditto card game winners with headware memory/program carriers. By the way, cameras and hand computers are not allowed in any casino in Las Vegas.«''
— Ex-Big Winner (121834/2-25-52)

* Neo Anarchist's Guide to Any thing Else (NAGEE)

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