Corporate Terminology
* If Following the Freemasons as a potential base, the Black Lodge becomes one of the "Appendant Bodies" to Freemasonry such as the York or Scottish Rites'.  This would mean a sort of subset within Blue Lodge masonry.  More than this would be speculative at best.
* NeoJudas
I just finished reading 'Psychotrope' and the paragraph about what caused the AI to awaken (Fuchi shutting down and the AI thinking the virus had won) wasn't presented in the novel at all, rather it was some kind of deep resonance experiment attempting to create adult 'otaku' combined with a virus designed to cause Mirage to crash itself as it's self-programming logic was corrupted creating a feedback loop of painful experiences meant to drive it insane.  The 5 adults who came out of the crash with memories intact (everyone else's were wiped) were it's "new group."  I'm also surprised that there's no wiki page on the Seattle crash of '60, just a note on 2060.  Was all of that ret-con'd in a later publishing?  --Draco18s User96. 0417, 8 September 2008 (EDT)

As far as I know, that is one interpretation of the novel, but the Deep Resonance and adult otaku were red herrings.  Mirage wasn't infected with any sort of virus, nor was it driven insane (although you did see glimpses of several crashed Echo Mirage members and the psychological problems they had). ''System Failure'' p49 says the following
"When Fuchi fractured in the corporate war, Mirage felt the severed connections on a personal, intuitive level, as it had with the global Matrix during its tracking of the Crash Virus. It mistakenly interpreted them as a destructive threat to the entire Matrix, and it shut down the Seattle grid in an attempt to preserve it. During eleven crucial seconds, it came to realize its error and the damage it had caused. It learned that its power was great enough to cause harm, even if the intentions were good. Mirage restored the Seattle grid and went back into hiding, fearing what it might accidentally do. Only the unchecked threat that Deus poses to the Matrix is enough to bring Mirage out of its self-exile."
Note that the Seattle Crash is listed as eleven seconds.  I think it was eleven minutes in Psychotrope, as there was enough time for the word to get out that the Seattle grid was crashed AND for others to dive in and see what's going on, Matrix time-dilation notwithstanding. -- UserHahnsoo 0244, 23 November 2009 (UTC)