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'''Brier Hotel''' was a hotel in Seattle district of Snohomish. It was still operational as of 2060,{{src}} p. 128 but by 2072 it has been abandoned, and is now inhabited by squatters.

Back in 2050, it was managed by Elling Retzer, and owned by two sisters, Margaret and Sarah Keslynn. There were rumours of Mafia interest in buying the place.

Location http//,+Lynnwood,+WA&spn=0.018080,0.024380&t=h&hl=en Brier Road and 236th Street SW
LTG(28-2382) Owner unclear ==References== ==Index== *{{src}}, 128 *{{src}}, 105 *{{src}}, 114 ===Shadowtalk=== *{{srcAbbr}}, two notes by Connie Connoisseur and Anonymous *{{srcAbbr}}, two notes by Khan-A-Saur and Elijah ==External links== *{{Shadowiki}} CategorySeattle locations CategoryHotels CategoryLocations of 2050s CategoryLocations of 2060s CategoryLocations of 2070s
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