Boone Forte

Boone Forte. Living legend. 


Boone Forte was first spotted in Denver in the summer of 2065. His history before then is shrouded in mystery, and legend. After a rumored encoutner with the dragon Perianwyr, Boone found his way to Denver working as a servant to the dragon. It is unknown what the mystical beast saw in his new servant, but he has served him faithfully since. 

==Known Information==

Boone Forte is an aloof, but zen, wall of meat sized troll. He can often be found working at The Weekday Eclipse night club and entertainment venue, as the Chief Operating Officer, but that's just a fancy word for head beating. It is rumored that he also works as a liason for various business ventures for his employer. Of the shadow nature.

He can be found at The Weekday Eclipse more often than not, at least when the dragon Perianwyr is in town. It is well known among the regulars that if there's something that needs done, Boone is the troll to go to. 


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