''Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America''
The '''Boobrie''' (''Grus carnivori'') is a large wading bird that resembles a crane with a slightly hooked beak and clawed webbed feet.    It has black plumage, lightening to dark grey, with a bright red beak and legs.  It has a distinctive cry that is more raucous than the peacock.

It subsists on a diet of fish, with occasional meals of carrion.  Boobries are usually found in flocks of about 100 members.  Its clawed feet, large size, and vicious jaws make the Boobrie a dangerous opponent.  In addition, some Boobrie flocks have been recorded to be carriers to a viral infection similar to VITAS-3, which is dormant in the Boobrie but virulent in other hosts.

The Boobrie lives in the shorelines of the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico.

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