'''Name''' Bolt '''Metatype''' Orc '''Age''' 32


Body '''Special Stats'''

Professional Rating .7

Magic '''Description''' Bolt is a white orc male. He has a shaved head, bull nose ring, and brown eyes and hair (if he kept any)
He has only one full tusk, the other one is sawed down due to it breaking some years back. He dresses in tailored suits. Bolt is always concerned about looking good. He is a straight business man, who doesn't play a lot of games. He prefers to meet in restaurants of a high quality.


'''Active Skills''' Computer 3, Data Search 3, Perception 4, Etiquette 4 (Street 6), Pistols 3, Negotiation 6, Palming 2 Dodge 2.

'''Knowledge Skills''' Corporate Rumors 4, Fences 4, Gear Value 3, Seattle Clubs 2, Seattle Johnsons 3, Shadowrunner Teams 4, Corprate Politics 4, Underworld Politics 3.

'''Language Skills''' English (N), Or'zet (3)



''(Name) (type) (Damage) (AP) (Mode or Reach) (Notes)''

Ares Predator '''Armor'''

Armor Vest 6/4

Data Jack, Commlink (Hermes Ikon/Mangadyne Deva)

CategoryPeople in Seattle
CategoryCharacters with 4E stats