'''Blitz''' was a Ganger in Berlin. Like many of Berlin's youth who were either abandoned or orphaned, Blitz joined the Drogenkippe kiez when he was just a kid during the time of anarchist riots of 2039. There he joined the Schwartz Herzen gang where his decking skills got the attention of the gang leader, Dieter, who was decent enough for a Ganger, and, with Blitz's help, kept the gang running well for about a decade. Dieter's death caused the gang to take a turn for the worse as his second-in-command, Leoni Luster, had no love for Blitz or the Drogenkippe and marked Blitz for death. In one last move, Blitz released all of the gang's info to a rival gang, who then took over and conscripted him as a Decker, much to his dismay and left him in the same predicament as before.

==In Game==
Blitz can be recruited as a potential teammate in Shadowrun Dragonfall
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