Black Lodge

The '''Black Lodge''' is a widespread secret conspiratorial initiatory group bent on world domination.  Members of the Lodge are rumored to have been practicing magic for hundreds of years, long before the Awakening.  It is rumored that the Lodge consisted of members or ruled certain conspiratorial organizations in the past such as the Bavarian Illuminati, the Knights Templar, and the Freemasons.  It has a tiered structure in which each member is part of a group of no more than seven members.  The leader of the lodge is also a member of the seven member group that acts as the tier above his/her lodge.

The fifth tier is known as the Lodge of Merlin or alternatively the Black Council.  Each member of this tier is an initiate with a grade greater than 10.  The fourth tier is known as the Lodges of Morgana, and each Lodge conducts the activities of the Black Lodge across a continent.  The third tier is known as the Lodge of Mordred, and runs the activities of the Lodge across a single nation.  The second tier is known as the Lodge of Rasputin, and the first tier is known as the Lodge of Nostradamus.  All total, the initiate group boasts 1,333 lodges and 9,331 initiates.

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