Biggest fortunes

*Great Dragon '''Lofwyr''' is the richest individual being in the world, with complete ownership of Saeder-Krupp.
*The '''Shiawase family''' is the second biggest fortune, family members owning together more than 55% of Shiawase Corporation.
*'''Eiji Yakamura''' is the richest individual human in the world, his wealth including a 20% stake in Mitsuhama Computer Technologies.
*Great Dragon '''Rhonabwy''', with estimated 8% of Shiawase Corporation, 5% of Ares Macrotechnology and stake in HKB and several Swiss banks and mid-grade European corporations.
*The '''Villiers family''' who founded and own 73% of Novatech, the main part (65%) being owned by Richard Villiers.
*Art Dankwalther, a former Fuchi company man, who was bequethed the sum of 34 billion UCAS dollars in Dunkelzahn's Will.  
*Lucien Cross and Jean-Marie Cross, the father and son owning 60% of Cross Applied Technologies, the company founded by Lucien Cross.
*Buttercup, a free spirit owning 27% of Yamatetsu.
*Arthur Vogel who owns 24.1% of Ares Macrotechnology.
*Damien Knight who owns 23.7% of Ares Macrotechnology, of which he is the President/CEO and Chairman of the Board.
*Leonard Aurelius, the son of Ares Macrotechnology' founder Nicholas Aurelius Senior. He reinvested the product of the sale of his Ares shares in Cross Applied Technologies, in which it now owns a 27% stake.

''based on estimation by UserNath.Jouen''

Are only included in this ranking the people for which an accurate enough estimation is possible. As such, none of Aztechnology shareholders is featured, since their precise stake in the corporation is not known.

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