Better Than Life

This needs to incorporate some of the information from ''Cannon Companion'', such as partial peak controlled BTLs (“California Hots”), Moodchips, Personafixes, and Tripchips.—UserYoungFreud 0028, 2 Mar 2005 (EST)

This was a great article! Kudos to its authors.—UserFelicity4711 1015, 30 Jan 2006 (EST)

Why there's no media section in Sixth World wiki?
Who's popular, according to cannon?
Neil Orc the barbarian is favorite merchindise (btw is Trid show or sim movie?)
There's plenty of popular pop stars in cannon material novels (one in into the shadows bradided novel - I don't remember the name) and advantures (Mercurial, 1 Stage b4, etc.)
EDIT Honey Brighton simsense star of "Free Fall" appeared in "Freefall" short story, in Into the Shadows Anthology.
--Mattness, December 2005