Benandanti XXV

'''Benandanti XXV''' is a magical group sponsored by the great dragon Schwartzkopf. It actually isn't one big magical group, but consists of multiple 'cells' around the world, showing the same diversity in traditions.

Fulfill the knowledge-thirst of the dragon. (Collect magical items/tomes/etc., catalogize species/events/places/etc. etc. etc.)

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In our SR4 Seattle, there is a secret cell of the group at the Faculty of Thaumaturgy at the University of Seattle with Chaos Magic tradition. We've done a few tasks for our Patron... (Gathered some pure Oricalcum, found a population of para-critters, and now we're facing some of the Horrors - I guess - at an ancient indian cemetery... Research mission rulez!)
--Alex SpecialContributions/ 0132, 11 November 2009 (UTC)