'''Bash''' is the head of Security at the Denver Data Haven, aka the Nexus.

Very little history is known about Bash, but he is believed to be a protégé of Shiva, as he joined the Nexus at about the same time, and the two seemed to share history. Bash and Shiva did not get along in person, but maintained a pleasant professional relationship.

Well known as having a legendary temper, and for being very childish, he tended not to have many friends but he had managed to keep the Nexus security locked down tight since coming on board.

His icon was an emaciated and extremely tall figure with pale white skin, vampiric teeth and gleaming red eyes, with the transmission of a sensory feed that translated as a waft of decaying flesh.

According to Silvery K, both Bash and Shiva were destroyed while trying to fight off the worm Jormungand released in cooperation between Winternight and their allies, the Otaku tribe known as Ex Pacis. which led to the Matrix Crash 2.0 in 2064.

Due to the fact that no one has ever physically seen Bash, it was assumed that he was a quadriplegic living life in full VR at a hospital in Quebec. Another stranger belief is that he was actually a split personality of Shiva whom was only able to exist thanks to all the raw computing power of the Denver Nexus. The last (and almost impossible) belief of who Bash actually is, is a fragment of the free Spirit, Zebulon.

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