Metatype Ork

B5 Q3 S5 I4 W5 C3 E3 M0 R7 PR4

INIT 7 + 3D6

Dice Pools I still use threat ratings. Threat 3.

Active Skills Computer 2, Etiquette (corp) 4, Etiquette (Mercenary) 5, SMG 3, Pistols 4, Rifle 4, Gunnery 5, Negotiation 7, Evaluate Military Hardware 6, Equipment Acquisition 5.

Knowledge Skills Current world conflicts 3, Corporate infighting 4, History of warfare 3.

Cyberware Wired reflexes 2

Gear BargeArse has a secured warehouse in the Tacoma docks district stocked with all kinds of military hardware. All for sale of course. He keeps some hard men on the payroll to look after it, and of course they get to use whatever they need in order to defend it. A regular stipend to both the desk sergeant and chief of detectives at the local Lone-Star precinct keeps the heat away.

Hooks BargeArse is a grossly fat and indolent man who tends to behave badly. He has the worst manners, dreadful sanitary habits, and likes to be carried by a forklift while he lounges on his divan. In case people get ideas, he tends to keep an UziIII tucked right behind his back. Despite his many flaws, he is a likable fellow who will back a friend to the hilt. The trick is earning his trust. Without that, and some sort of mercenary friend introducing you, forget even getting close to his warehouse.
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