* 3645 Las Vegas Blvd
* Luxury Hotel, Casino, Nightclub, Mall (Bias against magicians)
* Owner Tony Lercara

== Description ==
One of the largest resorts in the world, '''Bally’s''' contains a
full shopping mall, two major showrooms, a health club, a
youth center, an Olympic pool, six restaurants, a comedy
club, various bars, golf privileges, and 2,832 rooms.
Formerly the MGM Grand (before the 1980 fire), rooms
are rife with old Hollywood photos and each room has a
star on the door.
Gambling facilities include 1,000 slot machines, 11 craps
layouts, 84 blackjack (5¥ minimum bet), 12 baccarat, 9
roulette, 20 poker (20 nuyen buy-in), sports and race
book. Unlike most resorts, Bally’s slots run entirely on
credit (no coins); this drives some away, but provides a
different background noise than most casinos. Magicians
are tolerated, but strongly discouraged from gambling.

''»Wage Mages roam the crowds, and one checks everyone who enters. If a magician checks in, almost every employee in the place will know soon. Winners of big pots are checked for magical ability. Lucky magicians are politely asked never to return.«''
— Wanda (031612/1-4-50)

''»Security is heavy, but very sedate and in the background. Weapons larger than light submachineguns must be checked in. Bally’s squeezes extra service out of their Wage Mages by giving them first go at trouble makers in a silent way. They dislike shooting customers, but will do so. The last man to attempt a robbery at Bally’s was allowed to leave with 100K in cash and credsticks, but was sliced in half by two drones connected by monowire as soon as he left.«''
— Cooler (122310/1-15-52)

''»Bally’s computer system is layered and an onion style fairly typical of Las Vegas. The outer layer is blue, housing reservation making information and news about upcoming events. Next is a green system holding ticketing, control of the movie units in each room, elevators and some of the more mundane resort operations. Next is an orange layer for billing, personnel records and the security cameras. The supposedly deepest layer holds more personnel records (hard to read) and financial information (which seems legitimate and really boring).''
-- MaxMähtrix (232810/2-24-52)

''From the outside, there seem to be more nodes than I can account for, but so help me if I can find another SAN, even in the red layer. All the things that can help you get rich quick are usually their own isolated systems. This is the Vegas norm. Keno, for example is an isolated system. The slots are individual non-Matrix computers, also isolated. The record keeping archive for the sports book is isolated (and red). This is actually more effective here than in the rest of the world, because these isolated systems are constantly used and manned, as the casinos run 24 hours a day.«''
— Bilbo (232910/2-24-52)

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