=ImageFlagge Aztlans (Scan).jpg=Corporate State
* Human 67%
* Elf 15%
* Dwarf 6%
* Ork 9%
* Troll 1%
* Other 2%
=2,067 trillion peso (see )
=15.4 million peso (see )
=pesos (see )
'''Aztlan''' is a country covering all of Central America, between Rio Bravo and Nueces River and the Andes. It possess land borders with CAS, Pueblo and Amazonia. The Panama Canal Zone is under the control of the Corporate Court

== Vital Statistics ==
As of 2056 {{src}} p.111
* Population 134,220,400
** Human 67%
** Elf 15%
** Dwarf 6%
** Ork 9%
** Troll 1%
** Other 2%
* SINless Population 10,000,000 (est.)
* Below Poverty Level 21%
* On Fortune's Active Traders List 3%
* Corporate Affiliation 57%
* Education
** High School Equivalency 33%
** College Equivalency 42%
** Advanced Studies Certificates 13%
* Major Ethnic Groups
** Mestizo (Amerindian-European) 60%
** Amerindian or predominantly Amerindian 30%
** Caucasian 9%
** Other 1%
* Major Languages Spoken
** Spanish 92%
** various Mayan, Nahuatl, and other regional indigenous languages 18%
* Major Religion State-sponsored Aztec Religion (unconfirmed numbers)
** Catholicism 4% (illegal)

*2007 - The ORO Corporation is formed from the Ortega, Ramos, and Oriz cartels.  It will eventually become Aztechnology.{{src}} p.52
*2010 - A large fire wipes out a large portion of Tenochtitlán.{{src}} p.161
*2012 - The ORO Corporation joins the Inter-Corporate Council, shortly after its formation.{{src}} p.53
*2013 - Keruba and ORO engage in a corporate war, which ends in a stalemate when they both expend their resources.
*2015 - May 15, Aztlan uses the first Matrix-based electoral system for direct elections.  The Azatlán party assumes power.{{src}} p.37
*2017 - Aztlan joins the NAN.{{src}} p.38
*2022 - The ORO Corporation renames itself into Aztechnology Corporation, and proceeds to insinuate itself into every aspect of Aztlan's government.{{src}} p.54
*2027 - Aztlan revokes the Roman Catholic Church's tax-free status.  In the following years, a detailed audit leveled charges of tax evasion and outright fraud against important church figures, including the Most Reverend Jésus de la Torrez, Tenochtitlán's archbishop.{{src}} p.94
*2034 - Aztlan secedes from the Sovereign Tribal Council and the NAN.{{src}} p.39
*2035 - Shortly after the secession of the CAS, Aztlan moves northward to claim some of Texas, including San Antonio and parts of Austin.{{src}} p.40
*2041 - An executive order from the President's office officially rescinds the Roman Catholic Church's right to function in Aztlan.  The church becomes an underground illegal organization.{{src}} p.94
*2044 - The Aztlan government nationalized all holdings belonging to corporations save for Aztechnology.
*2045 to 2047 - The nations of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua were accepted (some say annexed) as member states of Aztlan.{{src}} p.41
*2048 - Panama petitions for membership in Aztlan and is accepted.
*2048 - The Corporate Court retaliates with Operation RECIPROCITY against Aztechnology holdings.  This is followed by the Veracruz Settlement.{{src}} p.47
*2048 - Aztlan cedes control of the Panama Canal Zone to the Corporate Court.  It becomes known as the "Pan-Corporate Zone".{{src}} p.109
*2049 - Amazonia and Aztlan annex much of Venezuela and Colombia.  Both nations make allegations that the other nation was being the aggressor and the nations were annexed for their own protection.
*2056 - Aztlan hosts the 2056 World Cup International football (soccer) competition.{{src}} p.166


===Political Parties===
*Azatlán Party - The dominant political party, the people who control everything (Aztechnology-backed)
*Partido de Acción Nacional (PAN) - Closely linked with the Catholic Church
*Democrático Nacional (FDN) - Predominantly leftist
*Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) - The party dominant before the VITAS plague


====Political Forces====
La Venta is a rebel ground fighting the Aztlan government. They are possibly based in Denver or Austin.{{src}} p.87

====Foreign Relations====
*Amazonia, CAS, Pueblo - outright hostile, with frequent border clashes, especially with the two former.

*Denver - The first act of the city's new ruler, the Great Dragon Ghostwalker, on 27 January 2062, was to retire Aztlan the authority it had over a sector of a city.

*UCAS {{src}} p.22, Seattle {{src}} p.81
*CAS {{src}} p.130
*Germany {{src}} p.42
*Tir Tairngire {{src}} p.47

Aztlan borders the Confederation of American States, the Pueblo Corporate Council, and the California Free State to the north.  The border runs from just north of San Diego eastward, north of Tucson and Odessa, and passes directly through to the city of Austin before looping southward.  It passes 75 km east of San Antonio, TX, before striking the Gulf coast between Brownsville, CAS and Matamoros, Aztlan.{{src}} p.106

Aztlan also contains the Central American countries formerly known as Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama (with the exception of the Panama Canal Zone, which is owned by the Corporate Court). The border against the nation of Amazonia to the south sweeps down from the southern tip of Lake Maracaibo (once Venezuela), runs south of Bucaramanga (Colombia), and passes just north of Bogotá. At that point, the border moves west, passing 50 km south of Cali to strike the Pacific Coast on the Bahia Choco. The border is such that Aztlan occupies a small portion of Venezuela and about half of what used to be Colombia (including Cartagena, Medellin).

Both Austin and Bogotá are disputed territory, and are divided between Aztlan and the bordering nations.

===Member States===
31 states (estados, singular - estado) and 1 federal district* (distrito federal); 
*Baja California
*Baja California Sur
*Coahuila de Zaragoza
*Colima, Distrito Federal
*Costa Rica
*El Salvador
*Michoacan de Ocampo
*Nuevo León
*Occupied Colombia
*Occupied Texas
*Querétaro de Arteaga
*Quintana Roo
*San Diego
*San Luis Potosí

*San Diego-Tijuana
*Austin, Occupied Texas
*San Antonio, Occupied Texas
*Mérida, Yukatan
*San Salvador
*San José

=== Resources ===
During Halley's Comet visit, naturally occurring orichalcum discovered.{{src}} p.85

While Aztlan has largely made the transition from a primary resource-based nation to a tertiary, information-based economy, several areas in the country lag behind.  Some segments of the poor rural population still survive on subsistence farming.  Agriculture (with a major contribution from Aquaculture) plays a major role in Aztlan's economy, engaging roughly 27 percent of the population.  Aztlan is entirely self-sufficient when it comes to food. (azt.140)  Major exports include food products, natural gas, coffee, zinc, textiles, and various technological products.  Major imports include steel, titanium, beryllium, and other metals, chemicals, and industrial and agricultural machinery. (azt.141)

The Aztlan peso rate of exchange is around 500 pesos for 1 nuyen. (azt. 139)  However, this rate is achieved by an aggressive monetary policy based on high-volume arbitrage and a two-class monetary system. Every amount of pesos is constituted of peso norma or peso libre. Only peso libre can be exchanged for another currency. Coins and bills exists for peso normal, peso libre is purely electronic. It is thus very difficult to assess Aztlan economic variables.

The Prime Megacorporation Aztechnology is based in Aztlan. Although Aztechnology is a permanent member of the Corporate Court, Aztlan has not signed the Business Recognition Accords.

Shibata has the contract to run the Aztechnology launch center near La Paz in Baja California.{{src}} p.18

''This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun''

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