The '''automotive industry''' is a highly competitive and diversified industry that changes rapidly based on the aggressive mergers and buyouts of the various automotive companies.  Competition has created strange bedfellows (like the AA Corporation Chrysler-Nissan), while certain corporations were bought outright by the larger megacorporations (the acquisition of General Motors by Ares Macrotechnology in 2059), for example).

== Top Tier ==
* Ares Macrotechnology - With the purchase of General Motors in 2059, Ares is now the number one vehicle manufacturer in the world.  Ares had already solidified its position in the aerospace industry through its NASA assets, and its General Dynamics subsidiary has a strong share of the shipbuilding market (focusing on lakeside oil rigs and other freshwater boats).  The list of brand names included under Ares/GM include Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, GMC trucks, AC Delco, and Powertrain.  Ares also  owns Mostrans, the Russian hovercraft manufacturer, and Pratt and Whitney, the aircraft engine manufacturer.
* Saeder-Krupp - Across the Atlantic, S-K is the predominant vehicle manufacturer, built around BMW, Messerschmidt-Kawasaki, Eurocar, Vulkan, and GIAT Industries.  S-K's business typically focuses around heavy industrial goods and services, including mining and manufacturing equipment, but it has control of several component manufacturers and is diversified across all aspects of vehicle manufacture.

== Second Tier ==
* Chrysler-Nissan - An odd marriage between American and Japanese automakers, Chrysler-Nissan merged in 2038 to become one of the most aggressive and well-known automakers.  Chrysler-Nissan assimilated Toyota in 2060, and owns Daimler-Benz as well.
* Ford - The only remaining old American auto manufacturer to remain independent, Ford has started to diversify into the vehicle component industry, and owns several European brand names through the European Motor Company, such as Opel, Peugeot, Skoda, Jaguar, Range Rover, and Citroen.  It also owns Mazda and Kia.  Ford relies on its exclusive contracts to other AA corporations such as DocWagon and Lone Star to keep itself ahead of the game.
* Mitsuhama - Mitsuhama mostly develops key systems in drone and vehicle rigging.  It is the leader in the development of Vehicle Control Rig implants and remote control decks.  Mitsuhama makes a few brand name autos as well.

== Others ==
*Honda - The A Corporation Honda focuses on affordable small vehicles and motorbikes, and is starting to diversify into marine technology.
*Mitsubishi - This A Corporation is a well-known independent auto manufacturer.  They are seeking to expand into aeronautics.

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