=Federal parliamentary state
=20-25 million (exact numbers unknown)
=Prime Minister Sheila Powell
=Nuyen (¥)

2011 Mana storms first appear {{src}} p.25

On October 24th 2022 The Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand form the Australia and New Zealand Allied Confederation (ANZAC).

Imperial Japanese troops stationed until the death of Emperor Kenichi {{src}} p.106

Mercenary work in Australia {{src}} p.24

Sydney is an independent city hosting a permanent mana storm {{src}} p.129

===Foreign relations===
*relations with Seattle {{src}} p.147

===Corporate Presence===
*Renraku Computer Systems {{src}} p.78
*Shiawase Atomics {{src}} p.97

Source of uranium for Shiawase {{src}} p.97

Renraku attempted a "greening" of Great Victoria Desert {{src}} p.80

Novatech runs an aerospace facility in Woomera {{src}} p.16

Shiawase owns a rocket launch facility in Normanton, on the Cape York Peninsula, and an R&D center in Cairns {{src}} p.17


Shadowland node in (at least) Sydney {{src}} p.27

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