Astral Space Preservation Society

The '''Astral Space Preservation Society''' ('''ASPS''') is a branch of the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research concerned with the protection of astral space and the restoration of astrally contaminated areas.  The members of the society tend to view themselves as more of a society of astral environmentalists than magical researchers (''Loose Alliances'', p 10).  Their stated goals are "to monitor the potential abuse of astral space and its inhabitants, protect the rights of the denizens of astral space, establish a set of parameters that will facilitate a positive working relationship between spirits and metahumanity, and create a sanctuary in astral space for beings in search of a safe retreat", as laid out verbatim from Dunkelzahn's Will.

The current head of the Astral Space Preservation Society is a Balinese free spirit named Ibu Air, who works with a Sumatran dwarf translator.  Mages in the ASPS are generally taught filtering and cleansing metamagics to deal with contaminated zones.

The current ASPS headquarters is in Chicago, in a building known as Elemental Hall, a four story complex that was once part of the University of Chicago's magical studies program.  The head researcher in Chicago is Professor Dr. Eric Kersh, the former dean of the University of Chicago.  Elemental Hall is said to have a bizarre astral construct around it, protecting it from astral perception.

The exact location of the ASPS "safe astral sanctuary" is unknown, but it is believed to be in Chicago or Denver.  Other rumors indicate that it is actually in a metaplane or that they have several safe havens.

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