'''Name''' Ash '''Metatype''' Human
'''Place of Birth''' Ft Benning, GA, CAS
'''Awakened''' Adept


Body (4) Agility (6) Strength '''Special Stats'''

Edge '''Qualities'''

'''Positive''' Adept.

'''Negative'''Sensitive System, SINner


''Born with a need for speed the driver adept respects their magic enough not to get any cyber but has bent their will and their magic to enhance their piloting skills.''

''Ash is one of a near inseperable pair of twins. Her twin brother Wolfgar is the heavy firepower and brute force, she is the speed and finesse. Together they ply the shadows one always covering the other.''


'''Active Skills''' Pistols 5, Close Combat 2, Stealth 2, Dodge 3, 
Perception 3, Pilot Ground Craft 2(4), Auto mechanic 3, Gunnery 2, 
Pilot Air Craft 2(4), Aero Mechanic 3.

'''Knowledge Skills''' Gang ID 4, Seattle Junkyards 5, History 3,  
NASCAR Drivers 3, Flatvid movies 3, Smuggling Routes 5.

'''Language Skills''' English (N), Sperethial 1.

'''Adept Powers'''
Improved Reflexes LVL2
Improved Physical Attribute (body) LVL 1
Improved Ability (PGC) LVL 2
Improved Ability (PAC) LVL 2



(Name) (type) (Damage) (AP) (Mode or Reach) (Notes)

Ares Predator /m


Urban Explorer Jump suit 6/6,
Armored clothing 4/0,
Armored Jacket 8/6.


rating 6 micro-transceiver w/ subvocal microphone, Smart Shades (with
Thermographics, Low Light, and Flare Compensation), Flashlight, Plasteel restraints (1 set), Gun Arm Slide (right arm), Silencer, Automotive Kit, Aircraft Kit.


(Name) (type) (Handling) (Speed) (Acceleration) (Body) (Armor)

Suzuki Mirrage +2 /50 (Step Van) /10 ''Other''
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