Arnold Schwarzenegger

'''Arnold Schwarzenegger''' was an Austria born actor and Republican wikipediaUnited States Senator.S. Senator from California. His campaign for President of the UCAS.Findley, Nigel D. ''{{Src}}''. ©1990 FASA Corporation. (comment by Wanderly)

It was noted in 2051 that the Bandersnatch has camouflage highly reminiscent of the alien hunter in Schwarzenegger's pre-simsense film ''wikipediaPredator (film)''.Findley, Nigel D. ''{{Src}}''. ©1990 FASA Corporation. "Bandersnatch", Page 23. (comment by Blade Runner)

In 2052, the reigning champion of gladiator pit fighting in NAN fought under the name "Conan the Republican" and looked just like a young Senator Schwarzenegger. It was unknown if the resemblance was cosmetic surgery or coincidence.Findley, Nigel D. ''{{src}}''. ©1991 FASA Corporation. Page 134. (comment by Blade Runner)

Further homages included Yamatetsu Corporation's "Arnie Awesome Cyberware" line, the Austrian Street Samurai "Kogler der Barbar" ''Walzer, Punks & Schwarzes ICE'' (German language Sourcebook for Austria) and the Schwarzenegger themed "Arnie's Bar" in the ''Endstation'', of the Graz Slums. The owner/operator of "Arnie's Bar" called himself "Kunstmuskel-Arnie"Rieslegger, Christian. ''GmbH''. (German language novel)


*There is no evidence in the Shadowrun canon that Schwarzenegger was ever Governor in the Shadowrun timeline.
*If the 29th Amendment—which removed Presidential term limits–also removed the prohibition on foreign-born nationals, then Schwarzenegger's failed bid for the Oval Office could have been in 2024 (age 77), or 2028 (age 81). ({{srcAbbr}} p.80) Otherwise the race in question would be the 2032 election which was under the UCAS constitution, since by 2036 California had left the UCAS.

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