Anthony Larosa

*Name '''Anthony Larosa'''

*Streetname '''Full Metal''' (among others)

*Sex Male

*Race Elf (10)

*Archetype Mafia hitman/leg breaker trying to get out


B4 C4 Combat6 Karma pool 1

Q4 I3 Earned Karma 0

S4 W5

Reaction 37 Init 1d63d6

*essence low

*magic none

Skills (42) lots
* pistol
* shotgun
* unarmed combat
* intimidation
* etiquette
* negotiation

Gear (20) 400,000
Lots (dermal plating 2, titanium bone lacing, alpha ware boosted reflexes 2, alpha cyber arm, cyber leg, cyber eye (custom rule) cyber ear (custom rule), datajack, smartlink) Defiance t-250 shotgun, and sawed off (counts as pistol, custom rule). body is improved as if he had two cyber arms, even though it's a leg '''and''' an arm... another leg would net him just the leg bonus, and would need all four to get both under custom ruling. Feel free to adjust to normal rules. Has only a single cyber eye and ear, as even though you're supposed to buy those in pairs to keep imbalanced signals... it's just so much grittier and nastier to have just one =D Will include stats if he goes by completely legal rulings too. ==Fluff== ===history=== Born in 2011 in Chicago (yup, one of the first elves) he grew up in a poor house in the worst parts of town. He was hassled a lot as a kid growing up, and often would fight back to prove that he wasn't just frilly. His ruthless behaivior would often get him in trouble. As he went through high school he found himself often picked on, and his often angry and violent responses kept him in trouble... but made a name for himself among the local gangs. This passed along to the 'associates' of his dad, who began to offer him little errands and jobs. Slowly he began to feel more accepted, even if what he was doing wasn't always legal... his dad soon angrily fighting with him to not get in what trouble he's in with them. But he'd soon leave at 18 (2029) just as the crash left local jobs very difficult to find... ''(will need to finish, need to get my books near me, and find my notes again for all the years of notes when he obtains cyber)'' ===Plot Hook=== Tony is a character who has gone through hell, and managed to survive... barely. He's lost several limbs, eyes, ears, and other miscellaneous parts to boot. He's been burned, ran over, ran through, shot, blown half apart, ripped up, and generally beat to hell during his time as hitman, bodyguard, and general grunt for the mob, and then surviving on his own in Bug City, er, Chicago. Finally he managed to escape, to find none of his associates care to see him... either racism, or the fear he's been bugged, keep him from attaining the rank he once held. Leaving that area for Seattle, he seeks new ground to get settled in... though his generally violent nature has just been made worse by years of cyber psychosis and fighting, tending to leave him enraged in combat situations abruptly... and making him ponder a way to leave his life of crime and as much cyber as he can behind him... but the money to do that means he'll have to go on more runs, and risk trying to wriggle his way out from the mob, if that's even possible. ===modus operandi=== His style tends to be brutal, lacking style or finesse for solid takedown. Wielding a pair of shotguns, one pistol, one full sized, he often keeps a mix of clips ready just in case. While he doesn't try to aim for a high body count, he's not the most sane anymore, and his aggressive nature can lead him to shoot for kills, especially if wounded or afraid. He'll do his best to fall back when possible, though usually this is followed with salvos of shots to keep enemies back too... He's not afraid of wet work, but is getting more and more unwilling to perform it, mostly for the trouble it usually brings than moral qualms at this point... but perhaps a change of heart has happened too... ''(going to finish this, was an experiment in street samauri, to create a living history of each piece of cyberware, why he got it, when, and what it replaced or enhanced. then suddenly choosing a ton of cyber and pondering that after... you tend to not wake up and decide "I want my arm chopped off to be replaced by metal! yeah, that sounds like a fun weekend." Sorry about all the custom rulings, I kept them down as much as possible, but I play my game fast and loose (with lots and lots of new rules, gear, ect) and kept 'pure' rulings in there just in case. will add notes on my custom rulings too.)'' CategoryElves CategoryPeople (Crime) CategoryMafia members CategoryPeople in Chicago CategoryPeople in Seattle CategoryUCAS people CategoryCharacters with 3E stats